Testosterone Propionate 10ml/100mg by Steroid PRO

Testosterone Propionate 10ml/100mg by Steroid PRO
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Testosterone Propionate 10ml/100mg by Steroid PRO, Ukraine

Testosterone propionate is a short testosterone ester, half-life from one to two days, propionate is one of the most used types of testosterone. Its advantage is that it practically does not retain fluid.

The disadvantages include: frequency of use, it is advisable to do injections daily.

It is advisable to use testosterone during the drying period, combining with stanazolol.

We make propionate on the basis of ethyl oleate, the oil turns out to be quite liquid and holds 100 ml of the active substance testosterone in 1 ml. In the composition there is benzyl benzoate (solvent DV), so that the propionate does not crystallize during storage, because of this, a slight aches and pains may occur in the place where the injection was. Inflammation is excluded, oleate is used in high quality, is additionally filtered with 0.22 micron filters and sterilized three times.

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