Testosterone Mix 300 mg/ml by Cygnus

Testosterone Mix 300 mg/ml by Cygnus
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Testosterone Mix 300 mg/ml by Cygnus

Testosterone is the essential male sex hormone integrated and emitted by the testicles. It animates the development and improvement of male genital organs and optional sexual qualities (development of the prostate organ, original vesicles, penis and scrotum), male-type hair circulation on the face, pubic, chest), laryngeal turn of events, body muscles and fat dissemination. Confines nitrogen, sodium, potassium and phosphorus, expands anabolism and lessens protein catabolism. An untimely increment in plasma testosterone focus in the period before pubescence causes conclusion of the epiphyses and hindering. 

Animates the creation of erythropoietin and red platelets. By the component of negative criticism (input) hinders the discharge of luteinizing and follicle-invigorating hormones of the pituitary organ and represses spermatogenesis. 

At times, testosterone positively affects hypertrophy of the prostate organ: the overall condition improves, pee issues decline, and so forth. Testosterone may likewise have a constructive outcome in angioedema of angina. The beneficial outcome is related with improved blood course and metabolic cycles in the heart muscle; there are likewise good changes in the lipid proportion in the blood, an expansion in the lecithin/cholesterol proportion.

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